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Kaizen Adaptive Training gyms and organizations create the highest standard of adaptive functional fitness training. 


Each affiliate and staff members (who plan on coaching adaptive athletes) will be required to take the online or in-person Kaizen Adaptive Coach Course to ensure they will be providing safe and effective adaptive and inclusive fitness training for individuals with long-term physical or traumatic impairments. Kaizen Adaptive Training (KAT) will ensure your training facility adheres to the Kaizen Adaptive Training standards of accessibility, safety procedures, risk mitigation and legal education. We will be preparing you all to serve your local adaptive community! 

  • In-house monthly programming for long-term physical or traumatic impairments! 

  • Adaptive equipment/modalities needed. Discount codes provided. 

  • Legal use of the KAT name, logo, and promotional material. 

  • Promotion on the KAT website and social media platforms. 

  • Promotion on the KAT affiliate list/map allowing individuals all over the world how to find your facility for training.) 

  • Guide on how to run a non-profit organization or a for-profit business. 

  • KAT Affiliate banner to proudly display. 

  • KAT Reference Guidebook. Includes waivers, onboarding documents, safety protocols, incident report forms, checklists, medical release forms, Insurance, operating software and much more!) 

  • Private Facebook page for gym owners to network and ask questions/receive feedback. 

  • Education on selling beverages, food, apparel, and adaptive equipment. 



KAT Certification 

Applicants must have a minimum of at least 1 coach on staff who holds a current Kaizen Adaptive Trainer certification. 

Accessible Facility 

The facility must be ADA compliant. 

Proof of Insurance 

Affiliates will be required to submit proof of liability insurance. We recommend the Affiliate Guard. 


Affiliate Fee 

As of 2024, the affiliation fee is $250.00 annually. 

Thanks for you interest!

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