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This Kaizen Adaptive Coach Course, taught exclusively by Emily Kramer Throckmorton, certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer, is appropriate for all coaches and athletes interested in learning how to work with the adaptive population.  Participants will develop the tools to work with athletes who have experienced long-term physical or traumatic impairments. All attendees with receive a certificate of completion.

Topics to be covered
• The importance of functional movements.

• What it means to be an adaptive athlete.

• Types of physical or traumatic impairments. Adding load and intensity.

• How to assess adaptive athletes. Safety considerations. Common injuries.

• RPE. Progressions and Regressions. 

• Scaling vs. Adapting. Treating the athlete as a whole. Recovery techniques. 

• And much more


For a day of hands-on adaptive functional fitness education.

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Chris M.

“It’s taken me some time to find the right words to express the impact that the Kaizen Adaptive Family has made in my life. I started as a volunteer who was fearful of doing the wrong thing or hurting one of the athletes. After a few weeks of working with and getting to know the athletes as well as learning from Emily, my confidence grew; but more importantly, so did my love for being with and helping the athletes. I wanted to be a better adaptive coach for the athletes. I took an online course, which was great and informative but missed the most important component, the athletes. When Emily offered the face to face Adaptive Training Course I knew I had to sign up. The course was filled with like minded individuals wanting to learn how to best meet the needs of adaptive our athletes. Emily presented a course in which she shared her hearts-work and her years of experience. She taught us strategies that we could use immediately in our healthcare settings and in our gyms. She asked athletes to come in and share their stories and to demonstrate their techniques for accomplishing the adaptive versions of the 5 basic functional skills. Each functional skill was connected to a variety of exercises that built strength and facilitated athlete independence outside of the gym. The Kaizen Adaptive Course provided the knowledge, the direct instruction and most importantly the motivation to grow and to be better. As a Certified Athletic Trainer and a teacher with over 30 years of experience, I can’t think of a more applicable and purposeful course”

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