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Kaizen Adaptive Training Amputee Protocol teaches the adaptive athlete, coach, trainer or healthcare provider on amputee-specific strength and conditioning methodologies. An amputation is the loss or removal of a body part such as a finger, toe, hand, foot, arm, or leg. It can be a life-changing experience affecting an individual's ability to move, work, interact with others and maintain a level of independence. Attendees will learn the movement principles and how to execute functional movements for athletes with a missing or salvaged limb. Loaded and unloaded functional movements: 1. Squatting (air squats) 2. Hinging (deadlifting) 3. Pushing (pushups and burpees) 4. Pulling (pull-ups) 5. Carrying (heavy carry) Attendees will be educated on the following; • Causes of amputation. • How to manage and prevent common over-use injuries. • Attendees will learn how to modify or adapt all functional movements loaded or unloaded. • Safety and pain-free range of motion is more important than load and intensity “Kaizen Adaptive Training is a great program to train, compete or just to better yourself mentally and physically. The mindset is great and really focuses on the individual needs.” - Mathew B. Bilateral above the knee amputee.


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