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Kaizen Adaptive Training Neuromuscular Protocol teaches the adaptive athlete, coach, trainer or healthcare provider on neuromuscular-specific strength and conditioning methodologies. A neuromuscular impairment is the relation between the nerves and muscles. A stroke is a brain attack. It is a sudden interruption of continuous blood flow to the brain, causing disabilities such as paralysis and limb spasticity. Attendees will learn the movement principles and how to execute loaded and unloaded functional movements safety and effectively for TBI’s and Stroke Survivors: 1. Squatting (air squats) 2. Hinging (deadlifting) 3. Pushing (pushups and burpees) 4. Pulling (pull-ups) 5. Carrying (heavy carry) Attendees will be educated on the following; • Common signs and symptoms. • Safety considerations. • How to screen and access. • When to scale (pain or not meeting range of motion.) • How to add intensity, consistency and progressions. • Educate on the importance of mobility, flexibility and stability. • Attendees will learn how to use adaptive equipment/modalities to perform functional movements.


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