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Kaizen Adaptive Training Neurological Protocol teaches the adaptive athlete, coach, trainer or healthcare provider on neuro-specific strength and conditioning methodologies. A spinal cord injury (SCI) is damage to the bundle of nerves and nerve fibers that send and receive signals from the brain. Unloaded and loaded variations of functional movements: 1. Squatting (dips) 2. Hinging (deadlifting) 3. Pushing (pushups and burpees) 4. Pulling (pull-ups) 5. Carrying (heavy carry) Attendees will learn how to safely and effectively adapt and modify for themselves or their adaptive athletes. • This cutting-edge approach is guaranteed to restore function, increase strength, speed, and power. Learn proper movement and technique. Improve range of motion, mobility and prevent further injury for spinal cord injury athletes. • A proven model that provides the best practices for athletes in a wheelchair. • Includes common over-use injuries and recovery techniques. "After an injury, our brains have the amazing ability to adapt. This adaptation occurs in response to experiences that should include principles, such as intensity, repetition and saliency. Emily has created an opportunity, encompassing these principles, for adaptive athletes. In combination with functional mobility training received in physical therapy and workouts at Kaizen, my patients are challenged both physically and mentally, which is necessary for change. Thank you for creating this program" Leslie Prom, PT, DPT, NCS


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