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Kaizen Adaptive Training Invisible Wounds Protocol teaches the adaptive athlete, coach, trainer or healthcare provider on invisible wound-specific strength and conditioning methodologies. An Invisible Wound is a cognitive, emotional, or behavioral condition that can be associated with trauma or serious adverse life events. Attendees will learn the movement principles and how to execute loaded and unloaded functional movements safety and effectively: 1. Squatting (air squats) 2. Hinging (deadlifting) 3. Pushing (pushups and burpees) 4. Pulling (pull-ups) 5. Carrying (heavy carry) Attendees will be educated on the following; • Examples of possible diagnoses. • Signs and symptoms of Invisible Wounds. • Understanding trauma. • Adapting vs. Scaling for Invisible Wound athletes. • Movement principles and training considerations. “Thank you for everything. Even when I wanted to give up, you were there to support me. The time that I am able to make it out to Kaizen is therapeutic, and it's very important to me.” - Jeff B. Veteran TBI/PTSD


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